We are pioneers in woodworking Accessories, Tools, Jigs & Machines in the Indian market for over 15 years.
Since their appearance in the market in the early 2000’s in India, the woodworking products from Hanfas have achieved a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability. Every Hanfas tool has been thought of and worked upon by a team of experts who understand the industry requirements. We have a fully equipped Research & Development Lab where we run tests and improve performances of new as well as existing tools. Quality & User friendly design as well as assuring safety in use of our products is the most importance.

Production and Quality Control
At Hanfas we manufacture all the critical components of the products under great scrutiny for any quality defaults, our injecting molding and sheet metal processing units are state of the art and assure that the product is of the highest quality build. Technologically advanced systems and Numerical Control Centres are used from the beginning of the manufacturing process to obtain components and parts of the highest precision and quality. At Hanfas electronics & mechanical components are made and checked before assembly of the machines. All of this makes up control of quality in stages, which guarantees a uniformity of quality in all Hanfas products. At random we test units from our production batches and put them through stress tests to ensure that they are all built to perform at their very best on field.

We have distributors all over the India and have sold our products to customers in over 17 countries.