Installation Diagram :


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Product Information
Product Code : 330.001 To 330.010 [Refer Index Page]
Color : White / Black / Brown
Finish : Nylon

  • Ideal knockdown fitting for simple right angle panel assembly, mechanical tightening ensures a strong joint.
  • The Tru-Fit fitting compromise male / female lock, which are screw mounted to the base / side panel respectively. Wherein screw location for the male component is assisted by the integral dowels and finally held securely together by the fastener and net insert.
  • The extensive interlocking areas have the screw-mounted component and built-in dowels ensure exceptional rigidity.
  • This fitting is ideal for particleboard since no drilling or boring is required as in the case of mini-fix, thus zeroing on the exposed surface on the bored area in the humid atmosphere.
  • Tru-Fit is suitable for self assemble furniture also for assembling kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, work station and general furniture in knock-down category.

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