2 D Rapid Hinge Boring Jig [ H-200 ]

Features :

  • Intelligent design features eliminate set-up time
  • Suitable for all 35mm to 40mm Auto-closing hinges.
  • Easy to use by even unskilled labour
  • Amazing speed and accuracy
  • Saves precious man-hours.
Product Information :

Hanfas introduces a unique 2D adjusting upto 40mm boring jig assembly to drill holes for auto-closing hinges by any hand-held drill machine. Robust construction, lightweight, easy to handle, it’s performance excels over a bench drill or expensive machinery in versatility, speed and accuracy.

Scale calibration allows quick and accurate predetermined position saving precious time. Novel design of reference arm at both ends eliminates set-up time. Cup centre distance adjustable invariably from 20.5mm to 25.5mm, giving freedom of using any brand and model of auto-closing hinge. Separate jig provided for pre-drilling mounting plate holes, along with a 8mm drill depth stopper. No more dependency on skilled labour saving labour costs.

See Here Demo

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