HTM 1500 Edge banding Trimming machine

Product Information :

“Hanfas” has launched BEGIN WITH US series of innovative machines for the wood working industry. These machines are robust and reliable and ‘engineered to simplicity’. Accuracy of performance and economic viability is second to none allowing even unskilled labour to operate.

2mm Edge Banding Trimming Machine

  • Over-hang straight flush cutting
  • Linear radius trimming
  • Corner radius milling
  • Glue line scrapping
  • Buffing for optimum glaze
  • Ready to plug in and start

A Makita 3709 Router with specially designed Tungsten Carbide Tip Bit for flush edge finish, radius trimming and corner radius Milling. Air flow to keep the bearing free from edge band chippings. Simple mechanism for forward and reverse movement of router bit to achieve flush finish or radius Milling with flip stops. The Glue Line Scraping station take care of excess glue line formed during edge banding. A 6″ buffing wheel on a half HP motor mounted for optimum glossy finish. Limit switches for preventing Router and motor burn-outs and huge savings on power bills.
This machine does not require any onsite installation all you need is the work table. The machine is plug and start.

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